Frequently Asked Questions
Can a concrete floor be installed after the building is complete?

Yes, you can. Additionally, we have experienced concrete installation crews and we would love the opportunity to quote on this aspect of your project as well!

Do I need a building permit?

Commonly, permits are required. We recommend that you consult with your local building inspector, town and/or your local municipal office. You are required to procure all necessary building permits for your building.

Should the building site be leveled?

Yes. It is our recommendation that the site be leveled prior to our arrival. Our posts are typically 12″ longer than required so the site must be within 12″ of level. The building will be leveled to the highest elevations available following our arrival.

If you are uncertain about the leveling requirements of your site, please let us know and your salesperson will gladly put a transit on your site to evaluate what, if anything, will need to be done prior to construction. Furthermore, they can provide solicited advice on the best suited location on the site for your building.

Can we custom design our building?

Certainly! We offer several package designs; however, our manufacturing capabilities enable us to customize the truss and post packages to suit your building structure. Furthermore, we offer a variety of color and accessory options to offer you a stylish and functional result to your building endeavor.