Building Types

Versatility of Post Frame Construction

Specializing in post frame construction, we strive to provide an economical, versatile, functional and attractive building to suit your agricultural, commercial, and residential needs.

Post frame construction provides many unique advantages in terms of design, construction flexibility, structural integrity and construction efficiency. These advantages lead to an economical building solution that will meet the diversity of your building specifications.

Post frame construction enables the building to be constructed with the constraints of the physical site in perspective, while allowing the structure of the buildings to flourish with its ability to rise to the occasion in the most demanding height and width requirements.

Ultimately, the flexibility and adaptability of post frame construction translates into a stylish and functional building with the most suited architecture according to your unique specifications without rupturing your budget.

Over the years, Prairie Post Frame has developed significant expertise in the post frame construction field and recognizes the unique requirements of construction projects including but not limited to: Commercial buildings, Agricultural Buildings, Storage Buildings and Garages, Sheds and Workshops.

Our qualified sales team takes pride in consulting each costumer about various building types and structures and will assist in the choice of exterior and interior designs.

The inherent construction of a post frame building makes wide spans and customization feasible at an economical rate while capitalizing on space and functionality without sacrificing style and convenience.

Building Varieties

  • Aviation Storage
  • Sheds &Storage
  • Public Shelters
  • Warehouses
  • Production Buildings
  • Commercial Shops
  • Commercial Storage Buildings

Prairie Post Frame offers an extensive line up of agricultural buildings, while offering a wide array of tailored options to accommodate your buildings purpose.

Post frame buildings are specifically designed to provide large spans and heights, efficiently maximize site usage, and utilize the most effective entry points to maximize the buildings utility.

The designs of our post frame buildings provide an immense versatility in construction, while enabling a stylish and functional storage and workspace.

Building Varieties

  • Hay, Grain Barns & Sheds
  • Livestock Barns
  • Boarding Stables
  • Equestrian Arenas
  • Dairy Parlours & Barns
  • Feedlot Buildings
  • Ag Storage Systems

Building Varieties

  • Storage Garages & Sheds
  • Self & Mini Storage Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Multi-purpose Storage Buildings
  • Post-Frame Storage Buildings
  • Outbuildings
  • RV & Boat Storage

Building Varieties

  • Garages
  • Car Sheds & Carports
  • Truck &Semi Truck Garages
  • Sliding Door Garages,
  • Work Shops & Sheds
  • Ag & Auto Shops
  • Garage Kits