Building Structures

Post Varieties

Prairie Post Frame offers multi-ply posts available in different lengths with 2×8 construction only. Our project management team will plan, organize and implement all facets of the construction to best suit your building to your application, structure and location.

Prairie Post Frame only uses the highest quality of independently tested industrial posts. Utilizing the industry's leading manufacturing capabilities our posts will optimize structural integrity and longevity. All our posts come with a 75 year warranty on the treated timber

Posts Spaces & Depth

Wall Systems


Frequently posts are 4', 5' or 6' on center, with a minimum of 6' burial. However, post spacing and depth requirements are indicative of your area and may be adjusted to comply with local building standards.

Our wall systems are typically constructed with 2×6 purlins and spaced at 2 foot on center providing the structural integrity and longevity.

We provide Pre-Engineered trusses that are manufactured to your building and location. During building construction, the poles are notched to receive the trusses allowing the weight of the roof system to be transferred onto the posts.