Building Features

Best quality at competitive prices

Post frame construction provides many unique features in terms of design, construction flexibility, structural integrity, construction efficiency and competitive prices.

As an authorized dealer of Can-American Corrugating CO LTD., Prairie Post Frame construction has access to top of the line in-house supplies ranging from metal roofing & siding, doors & windows, to complete and very attractive interior packages.

  • Ply Post Building Structure
  • Metal Roofing & Sliding
  • Doors & Windows
  • Interior Packages


  • 40 Year Limited Warranty on exterior metal cladding
  • 75 year warranty on treated timber in the posts and available for certain species of treated base board timber (ask your Sales Representative for available options)
  • 10 year Polycarbonate on our ridge light and corrugating eave lights
  • 10 year Polyvinyl Carbonate on our PVC liner panels

Our qualified sales team across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta and Northern Alberta, takes pride in consulting each customer about the various building features available and will assist in finding a cost-effective, sustainable solution.

Building Structures

Post Varieties

Prairie Post Frame offers multi-ply posts available in different lengths with 2×8 construction only. Our project management team will plan, organize and implement all facets of the construction to best suit your building to your application, structure and location.

Prairie Post Frame only uses the highest quality of independently tested industrial posts. Utilizing the industry’s leading manufacturing capabilities our posts will optimize structural integrity and longevity. All our posts come with a 75 year warranty on the treated timber

Posts Spaces & Depth

Frequently posts are 4′, 5′ or 6′ on center, with a minimum of 6′ burial. However, post spacing and depth requirements are indicative of your area and may be adjusted to comply with local building standards.

Wall Systems

Our wall systems are typically constructed with 2×6 purlins and spaced at 2 foot on center providing the structural integrity and longevity.


We provide Pre-Engineered trusses that are manufactured to your building and location. During building construction, the poles are notched to receive the trusses allowing the weight of the roof system to be transferred onto the posts.

Window & Doors


We offer 3 varieties of maintenance free PVC commercial grade windows:

  • sliding
  • casement
  • fixed

Eave or Roof Light Panels

Polycarbonate (translucent panels). This option allows an entrance point for natural light to illuminate your building from wall or roof panels. Allowing natural light to enter your building improves the buildings energy efficiency and reduces your lighting cost.

Walk In Doors

Our commercial quality walk in doors feature:

  • Bright White 28 gauge steel smooth skin
  • 4 way universal jamb with fixed pins hinges – providing you the flexibility and security for your entrance way
  • Available in either 3′ or 4′ wide and are of standard height 6’8″

Door Types

  • Sliding doors
    Sliding doors offer an economical approach to incorporating a large or small entry point to any building.
  • Overhead Doors
    Overhead doors offer a functional entrance point to any building.
  • Bi Fold Doors
    Bi fold doors offer a functional large entrance point to any building. They boost the highest clearance to opening ratio. When fully opened you maintain unhindered access to the full entry opening. Perfect for large implements!

Swing Options

There are 4 swing options to choose from:

    Hinges are on the left side, door opens outward
    Hinges are on the right side, door opens outward
    Hinges are on the left side, door opens inward
    Hinges are on the right side, door opens inward

Our professional installers are standing by to outfit your next building!

Metal Roofing & Siding


We are a proud authorized dealer of Can-American Corrugating CO.LTD cladding and accessories.

Can-American Corrugating CO.LTD cladding offers a robust, cost efficient, contemporary approach while providing a striking fresh finish to any application.

Pro Fit® roofing and siding is engineered to stay bright, tight and durable for years to come. With crisp chalk-free colors, an appealing profile and rugged no-nonsense construction, Pro Fit® is a cost-efficient contemporary building material perfect for a wide variety of agricultural, light industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

The heart of Pro Fit®‘s durability is full hard, 100,000+ psi high tensile strength galvanized steel. Our exclusive computer-aided profile design incorporates a no-leak drain channel and adds rigidity and strength, assuring tight side laps and a dry, snug interior even under the most adverse weather conditions and years of hard use.

WeatherX coatings are renowned for their gloss retention, color robustness, and superior chalking resistence. WeatherX technology merges durable ceramic and other select inorganic pigments with the strength of Valspar’s proprietary silicone polyester resin to fight the detrimental effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, rain, humidity, and weathering. Furthermore, this paint system provides superior abrasion resistence to minimize cracking or marring from fabrication, transit, and construction. SR WeatherX color formula’s meet or exceed the minimum requirements for an Energy Star® rating.

Quick Specs

  • Full-hard 100,000+ psi high tensile galvanized steel.
  • Popular 38″ width (36″ coverage) in lengths from 1 through 45 feet in even one inch increments.
  • Available in Galvanized G-90, Galvalume and twenty-one rich baked-on colors.
  • 28 gauge (26 gauge on special order).
  • 40 Year Limited Warranty

Allowable Distributable Loads

Lap Detail

Available in Galvanized G-90, Galvalume and twenty-two rich baked-on colors.

Ridge Cap – Metal, PC and Vented

We have 3 options for you to choose from:

  • Standard metal ridge cap
  • Polycarbonate (translucent ridge cap). This option allows an entrance point for natural light to illuminate your building
  • Vented Ridge Cap. This option provides ridge line ventilation

Interior Packages

Our full interior packages include:

  • Complete lining material
  • Entire vapour barrier
  • All strapping
  • All wall and ceiling insulation

We offer two types of interior finishing:

  • Bright White Interior Metal
  • Bright White Poly Vinyl Carbonate (PVC)
    • Upgrade Option – A fresh and bright finish, washes easily, and works best in high moisture application like carwashes and hog/dairy barns as its high gloss surface does not support moss or algae growth. Additionally, this product features a 10 year limited warranty.


Insulation can be included in all post frame buildings. R value options available are R28 for walls and R40 to R60 for ceiling.


Considering a concrete floor?

Energy efficiency does not need to be limited to utilizing natural light. Floor heating increases the efficiency and can be installed by our team of concrete experts.